Shin Splints EquipmentOur carefully chosen collection of the best shin splints equipment to aid your recovery and rehabilitation.

The equipment allows you to have more effective exercises and better overall support in your lower legs, which reduces the stress and impact which ultimately causes shin splints.

We have included only the most relevant and useful products, which are high quality and have been shown from experience to be helpful in treating shin splints and lower leg problems.

Some cases of shin splints may be treatable even without any equipment, but there are many useful products that can aid in your rehabilitation or prevent injuries from occurring in the first place.


Lower leg exercise equipment


Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

Resistance bands are perhaps the most useful tool for getting rid of shin splints. They are essential for strengthening your lower leg and ankle muscles in order to attack the underlying cause of shin splints. The bands are good for any fitness level and the Black Mountain set comes with various options for your strength level. The set has over a thousand 4-5 star reviews.

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Fitter First Pro Wobble Board

Balance boards are an effective way of strengthening the lower leg muscles and stabilizing the hip and core muscles. It improves the motion of the ankle and is one of the methods of beating the underlying cause of shin pain. The board has three different difficulty settings depending on your own comfort level. Great for advanced or intermediate athletes.

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Elgin Archxerciser Foot Strengthening Device

The Elgin Arch exerciser is designed for runners with weak arches. It creates a similar, but more effective exercise than the towel roll that many trainers recommend for strengthening the arch and treating shin splints. What is good about the arch exerciser is that you can take it anywhere and work the arch while doing other activities.

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Injury prevention and pain management


Zensah Calf and Shin Splint Compression Sleeve

Compression sleeves can be used to reduce the swelling of the lower legs and improve the blood flow. The Zensah sleeve is specially designed to prevent shin splints, calf pulls and to alleviate pain. It is light enough to run and has supportive materials both for anterior shin splints and the achilles.

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Superfeet Green Premium Insoles for High Arch

Premium insoles in addition of proper shoes can create wonder for preventing and correcting lower leg injuries. The green premium model creates great support for runners with high arches. The insole prevents the high arch from collapsing during the run. The soles are long lasting and I would highly recommended them for all runners.

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Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles for Low Arch

These are premium insoles designed for low arch runners. They help to support the rear foot, add stability and reduce pronation. If you have a low arch and suffer from shin splints, using the proper type of premium insoles should be part of your running equipment. They are almost guaranteed to be better than the regular insoles of your running shoes.

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Massage equipment


Black High Density Foam Rollers – Extra Firm

Foam rollers are extremely useful for recovery purposes. They are also featured on our shins splints stretching and massages guide. The black density foam rollers are high quality and will keep their shape despite of heavy use. They are light weight, but still have a firm enough surface for effective massages and stretching.

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Pro-Tec Athletics Roller Massager

Roller massagers are useful tools for self massaging the front of the shins, calves, hamstrings and quads. The roller allows you to apply more pressure than just with your fingers and is helpful for recovery and getting your muscles to relax and reduce tension induced from hard workouts.

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Body Back Company Foot Roller and Massage Ball

Foot massagers are another tool to keep tightness’s out of the small muscles in your foot. They are a more effective way of applying pressure and stimulating circulation than self massage. The foot roller could be part of your daily rehabilitation. It is easy to use and soothes sore and tired feet

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Stretching shin splints equipment


Adjustable Incline Calf Stretch Slant Board

Slant board is another calf and achilles stretching tool. It aids in the recovery of numerous lower leg problems. The benefit of using a slant board is that you can stretch both calves at the same time and notice the differences in flexibility. Plus its very easy to use compared to doing regular calf stretches. The board is adjustable to five different positions.

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North American Healthcare Foot Rocker

The foot rocker is a popular and safe stretching tool for your calf muscles and achilles tendon. It is designed by professionals to keep the foot in an optimal position for 30 second stretches that help the muscles, ligaments and tendons of your foot and lower leg. It may be helpful to alleviate some of the lower leg pains.

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Stretch-Out Strap with New Instructional booklet

Stretching ropes can be good additional shin splints equipment to aid your stretching. It allows you to do assisted stretching without the use of a partner. The multiple loops allow stretching all the major mascle groups with greater control. The strap comes with a photo guide for 30 different stretches.

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We hope that our list of shin splints equipment helped you in finding the right tools to treat your shin splints. If you are looking for ways to prevent shin splints in the future – we suggest first looking at the causes of a shin splints injury.

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